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Description: If I will expend the MetaMask then I will not find the connect button I’m facing the problem in automation. (If the user expend the MetaMask then please provide the wallet connect button.)

Purpose: For Automation Testing

Extension/Mobile/Both: Extension


Are you trying to connect to Dapps? Having a little trouble understanding the difficulty you’re having.

You may need to disable other wallet extensions, then try the transaction again.

Heres more details on how to:

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I’m a automation tester and I needed to change the wallet multiple times for buy any asset and when I have changed the wallet then I needed to connect that wallet but if I have expends the MetaMask wallet then there is no wallet connect button.

Sorry, am mobile and posted to the wrong thread.

You can manually connect to a dapp from connected sites in the 3 dots drop down.

in your case, this isnt ideal. each dapp can be connected to only one address. im not sure if thats a limitation, or intended functionality, but i will chat with the team and highlight this example


you didn’t understand my point I connected the testnet BSC network on the testnet I opened the extension there the wallet connect button is present but after expended the extension there is no wallet connect button

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So the “Connect Wallet” button is there in the smaller window, but does not appear when you click ‘Expand View.’ Right?

Is this only when connecting to the BNB testnet? (or same issue on other networks?)

What browser & version? (Settings > About > for browser version)

What version of the MetaMask extension? (Circle icon > settings > about)

What dapp are you trying to connect to?


The browser version is: Version 112.0.5615.138
MetaMask version is:10.28.3

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It is a serious issue because without this I will not able to continue further process

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The browser version is: Version 112.0.5615.138
MetaMask version is:10.28.3

It is a serious issue because I’m not able to continue further process
I am working on the NFT application

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Can you share a screenshot of the issue please?

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Here are the screenshots


Does your screenshot identify the issue? Thanks!

Yes, My screenshot identifies the issue.

Have you resolved the issue?

Are you still having this issue?

When you say connect button, do you mean connecting to a dapp? Can you provide some more screenshots that more clearly define the issue?

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