Account Import feature not working

Hello Support/Backup/Restore/Import :slightly_smiling_face:

I was impatient when Atomic Wallet was not exchanging BNB last week and decided to try another way.

I sent my Eth from Metamask to Binance Chain Wallet in order to use the Binance Bridge.

I had a difficult time trying to change it to BNB.

I ended up in my endeavor pegging the Eth changing it to Binance-peg Ethereum.

It would not let me send it back to MetaMask.

It would let me send it to Atomic Wallet.

So I sent it to my Atomic Wallet Eth public address.

What I didnt know at the time was since the Ethereum was now pegged, it would not show up in Atomic Wallet. Atomic wallet does not handle Binance peg Ethereum.

After skewering the internet for a viable solution, Metamask was the answer.
Importing my Atomic Wallet Account to Metamask looked to be my solution.

Unfortunately, when I enter the Key Phrase and press Enter,
the Error
Cannot convert string to buffer. toBuffer only supports 0x-prefixed hex strings and this string was given: 0x…

Im hoping to find a solution to my issue with this.
I appreciate you time in advance.

hello support,

after posting on r/trustapp

I was helped by Alan using bip39 .

I was able to recieve a private key that metamask and trust wallet accepted .

after importing the private key and adding the binance peg ethereum coin address, I still did not have funds showing.

I have my transaction page showing my transaction as successful to my Atomic Wallet Ethereum Public address.

Is there any suggestions you could recommend?


after never giving up everyone,

I followed this link step by step - look up
“I’ve sent funds on Binance Smart Chain to Atomic Wallet. What to do?”

(im not allowed to post links to the message board)

even after i thought I had already imported my whole Atomic Wallet to Metamask and almost giving up.

not thinking I would have to import just the Eth private key from my Atomic Wallet…

I found my funds.
what a journey, I learned so much about blockchain and all the different aspects of decentralized currency. If your reading this, dont ever give up. And as long as you dont, you will always find a reward, even if it was not your original reward.