Add a passphrase to a mnemonic


add the ability to add a passphrase to a mnemonic phrase
security of storage of crypto assets


If you want stronger security, it is better to use trezor and legder directly. They all have passphrase functionality.
As a hot wallet, the seed of MM is on the Internet-connected device, and the input of passphrase is also on the Internet-connected device, which can be stolen by hackers.


I know about Trezor and Ledger. I don’t want to use them for several reasons. I already use electrum for bitcoin and safepal for multichain, and they all support a passphrase)) This is not so difficult to add to the wallet functionality, but it will attract more users and trust.
And if hackers or just bad people steal my mnemonic phrase, they still won’t be able to use the assets without a passphrase.

If what you are referring to is similar to 2FA, please see here on our Knowledge Base on more information about 2FA and MetaMask:

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Not 2fa

a completely different master key is generated with the passphrase. It turns out as 25 or 13 words to a mnemonic phrase. That is, when importing a mnemonic phrase, the mnemonic phrase + passphrase construction is used to generate a master key.
I’m surprised that few people use it and few people know)) This is one of the best protections against asset theft.