Add eth_getBalance RPC call immediately following eth.sendRawTransaction response

Hello, my name is Sabin and I have a very small proposal.

I have developed a blockchain with a consensus protocol that is indistingusable from instantanious, and reverse engineered the JSON RPC so it only sends a response to the eth_sendRawTransaction API call once the logic for transfer has been complete. This takes less than 0.01 seconds on average.

Unfortunately, because MetaMask only queries the eth_getBalance RPC endpoint every 30 seconds or so, it looks in MetaMask like the transaction is taking much longer than it actually does.

I think that adding this feature will help to make MetaMask a viable product for real-time payment processing.

Please let me know if this feature is possible, its only 1 extra API call that will not impact time complexity in any way.

Thnak you for your consideration.

p.s If you need to contact me, please email