Add-on metamask on Firefox by danfinlay, kumavis


To install the add-on on firefox, a link is proposed by Danfinlay, Kumavis from the official metamask website but firefox warning this “This add-on is not actively monitored for security by Mozilla. Make sure you trust it before installing.”

I would like to know if this link is the good for installing the add-on ?

Thanks you !

Hello, please download through metamask’s official website. Downloading from any other channel may be a scam. Be careful. The following is the official address:

Ok thank you !
The link goes here :

And there :

It’s written “remove” because i have already the add-on
I wanted to be sure that this is the good one ?

If you have downloaded from the official MetaMask website at then yes :slight_smile:


Ok !
thank you :slight_smile:

And a last question :

If i reset my wallet metamask ( i want to put a password stronger but i can’t do it via the extension), will my adress metamask change ?

Thank you

Save your seed phrase in a safe place :point_down:

and then you can change your password:

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