Entered password on fake MetMask extension

I was on a discord group that I follow and one message said that they were minting new NFT’s. I clicked on the link that was given and foolishly entered my metamask password when it asked to connect to my wallet. It didn’t ask me for a seed phrase. If I just change my metamask password will that be good enough? I really don’t want to move everything over to a new wallet as I have NFT’s and coins staked through my metamask wallet. Any suggestions?

Hey @fdk, sorry to hear this has happened, would you be able to share the URL to the scam website?

Links are not allowed to be posted on the forum but you can type it out like www.google(dot)com

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The URL was sandvegascasinoclub dot digital.

The URL was sandvegascasinoclub(dot)digital.

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Thanks for sharing the link, the team is looking into it now.

Outside of your local device, your password given away is not a threat to your wallet. Definitely change your password, but as long as your Secret Recovery Phrase and/or private key has not been given away your wallet is safe.

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