Scam Wallet authorization

Hi, guys.

I think I just brocken three security rules I wasn’t familiar with. :worried:

After asking a question in official telegram chat somebody dm me saying that I need to authorizate my MetaMask wallet where I had to enter my seed frase.
It was kind of connect dapps web to which I should have been connected after inserting the seed frase.
I have inserted the frase, but it didn’t connect.
After a short while I have blocked the contact who has written to me.

My question is can I keep using this wallet?
If not how to change the wallet if it was connected to Decentraland?

If you have shared your seed phrase with other people, then you should transfer all you money out of your wallet and create a new wallet. Those how has your seed phrase can do what ever they want with your money

There are a lot of scammers in this crypto world so you have to watch out all the time.

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I didn’t share my seed phrase directly. This is why I am not sure if they got it or not.
As I described before I should have written it on this web connects-dapps org but pressing “Connect”, but it didn’t work / connect.
Do you know what kind of web is it?

I came back to this conversation now, saying him I have connected to the web he gave me and to see what will be his reply.
He insisted in reconnect.
I can make the conclution that he didn´t get the phrase…
Apart, it seems that he blocked me :woman_facepalming:

I don’t know the website you was trying to connect, but I took a look in the code of the website, and it looks like it try to connect to this.

The website mysyncrectify is mention on Github as a phishing website.

Be very careful with whatsapp and Telegram. There are even people here on this forum pretending to be from support.

But if you did not connect and signed any contract, I guess you are safe. But then again, I would create a new wallet and transfer your money to the new wallet.

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Thanks for your investigation )

Do you know how to creat a ticket with MetaMask support?
I can not find this information anywhere. I only can link to this community or chat with a bot.

Hi @WK7 , if you have shared your phrase in anyway online except to importing an official wallet, then most likely your phrase is exposed to the attackers. You must do the following steps.
Create a new wallet.
Transfer all your funds immediately available in the wallet (of which you shared phrase to a new wallet.
Never used that exposed wallet again.


You can submit ticket on the following link


Hi, @procrypto.
I think I will do this. Though it will be quite a challenge for me )
Already reading post about how to migrate.
Thanks a lot for your participation! :blush:


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