Lost access to my wallet while connection pancake

hello, since I’ve lost access to manage my wallet after I have connected with pancake swap in June I have send you planty emails with attachments and request about my issue, all I wanted to know is, what to do now, why my seed phrase does not backing up my wallet, also private Key with a password, it’s keeps opening different addresses, there is no way to confirm that I’ve made all transactions a cross this wallet 0xF86ff92d575Aebaf335B757ec47Ed9D46B1Dc041 even If I still have access to my others wallets? until now I didn’t received any CLEAR answer…, only automaticall messages about how extremely busy you are, please help me out


Hey @JakubSwietonski, thanks for sending a ticket to our support team, they will be with you as soon as they can!

Please make sure you are inputting our Secret Recovery Phrase correctly for the wallet you are trying to access.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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this is the think which I cant get, I would understand if after typing my seed phrase there would be some message like " your seed phrase is incorrect" or something like this but its keep connecting me with this wallet:

(Attachment 34853937824889.txt is missing)

(Attachment user_archive-JakubSwietonski-210714-174903-88.zip is missing)

(Attachment category_preferences.csv is missing)

(Attachment export-0xF86ff92d575Aebaf335B757ec47Ed9D46B1Dc041.csv is missing)

Im writting with one of metamask zendesk advisor and he just asked me to send my recovery seed phrase as a plain text, as far as I know advisor shouldn’t NEVER ask for my seed phrase?
Please help, as I’m not sure what to do.

many thanks in advance.

The MetaMask team will NEVER ask for your Secret Recovery Phrase. This is SCAM email. An immediate red flag is the email address ending in gmail.com :triangular_flag_on_post:

Please be careful!

The Secret Recovery Phrase can still give you the wrong account depending on the words used, rather than an incorrect Secret Recovery Phrase message. Please make sure it is the correct phrase for the correct account and you are typing them in the right order.

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how to mark he’s addres at Gmail with red flag? luigimetamaskagent@gmail.com

By red flag, I mean an immediate warning that the account is fake. You can delete the email and block the address.

@Luigi looks like you have impersonators :imp:

@nakedwinnie OH they won’t give me peace :see_no_evil:

Luigi is not an MetaMask agent :roll_eyes: and I never want MetaMask seed phrase.

MetaMask seed phrase :fox_face: is just for you people :closed_lock_with_key: NEVER share your 12 words secret recovery phrase :bangbang:

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so pls can someone guys tell me what about my wallet?
should I forget it or there is some way to get it back? Im not gonna ask Luigi never again :sweat_smile:naughty

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@JakubSwietonski I wonder where he found your email address? :thinking:
I’m not sending emails :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I don’t even see your email address.

ye, fcuk knows how they’re doing it?..

the worse thing is I have received a Phone call from my bank today, someone tried to transfer 600£ via western union in California :o :confused:

can U pls help me to log back in to my wallet? seed phrase is keep backing up diffrent address… I’ve send plenty of requests but nobody helped me yet didn’t give any clear answer

I would like to help you :neutral_face: but I haven’t any ideas… imported private keys are not stored in your seed phrase.

at least I have clear answer. thanks :slight_smile:

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1 more question :slight_smile:
because the first time I have installed metamask and created account on galaxy j4 which is smashed but if I’ll fix it metamask app will open in that created wallet right?

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You’re welcome Jakub :slightly_smiling_face: Be careful this internet is a dangerous place :smirk: with fake agents… Hmm :thinking: when it’s not too smashed :slightly_smiling_face: maybe yes.

my dear friend please never send seedpharase for anybody and be careful :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: