Incorrect restoration of Metamask wallet

I have restored Metamask using the secret phrase which I know is correct, as I have used it to restore before, but none of my tokens show up.

I have checked back to see the address to which the tokens I bought had been sent and it is not the same as the wallet address that has been restored. I am sure therefore that the wrong address has been restored. I have checked the secret phrase using vault descriptor and it confirms that I have it correct.

I am missing API3, GRT, LPT, and ZRX.

try importing a wallet under there, using your same seedphrase, see if it shows up. I bet when you look at the wallet address its different right?

"try importing a wallet under there, "

Under where please.

in the wallet you have open, click import account, paste your seedphrase.

Yes I’ve tried that several times thanks.

Hey @andrew, it may be that the address you are trying to access was imported or an additional account.

Here is more information on our Knowledge that may help you:

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click ‘create account’ in that metamask account, any accounts you have created should appear. see if that works

Got the same issue? why metamask let many people face the same issue?

I used to import my account before and everything was fine. But this time, no old address. why is that? Try both vault decrypted, mnenomic address check. nothing!!!

Hey @Maxipad78, was this an imported account?

If so, this account is not a part of the same wallet with the Secret Recovery Phrase. If you have the private key for that account, you can import it again.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

I had a missing account, 2 out of 3 showed up and I didn’t have the private keys to the missing one. I also had 2 other accounts that were not connected to the original wallet. You can retrieve the missing account without having to have the private key, that I didn’t have, by re-entering the original seed phrase a second time to get all of the original accounts back but you have to have the private keys of the other ones that were not connected to the original wallet seed phrase and enter those ones into the new wallet. All done in Firefox.

Good evening. I entered the password several times, for some reason it turned out to be incorrect, although I didn’t change it. After entering the secret phrase, I was connected to some new wallet, but I still don’t have access to the old one where all my tokens are. What should I do ?How do I get back access to my old wallet? Thank you.

my passphrase restored the wrong wallet. I have the address of the old wallet, but how do I restore access to it?

how to restore access to the old wallet address?

Hi @igor237 what browser you’re using?

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only google chrome.Thanks

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Hey @igor237, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Please make sure that you have inputted the correct Secret Recovery Phrase for the correct wallet address you are trying to access. Make sure that it isn’t also an additional account or imported account.

Please refer to the Knowledge Base article I linked above.

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Another wallet address can still be connected to if you entered the wrong phrase. Please make sure you have the correct phrase for the address you are trying to access, and you are inputting the words in the correct order.