Restored metamask gave me a new address

I’m using a metamask account to play my defi pet the past week on the binance smart chain using yandex browser. Everything was running smoothly until yesterday when suddenly i was not able to connect to the server even if my account was already connected to my defi pet showing the number of dpet tokens i have which was at 45+. Tried refreshing several times and clearing cache and data to no avail always with the same result prompting me to connect to bsc wallet. I uninstalled and reinstalled metamask extension on the browser however upon new install and adding the smart chain network on the metamask wallet, it gave me a new different address and not the old address i was using to play the game. Is there a way for me retrieve my old smart chain address using my same metamask account? If there is a similar issue that was already resolved, kindly point me in that direction tyvm!

My old public address was

And my new address now is


Any update or info on this?

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same issue. please let me know if you have resolved this issue.

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I have a similar problem I had to reset my wallet I used my seedphrase and was given a different wallet address hopefully your problem gets fixed and if you could help me that would be great

Thanks goodluck

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I was in the same position. I had raised a ticket with MM Support and I received following link which worked for me:

Follow description of Option# 2.

Hope this helps!

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What if my account is not there?

Every seed phrase has set number of accounts. Did you use this link - https[:]//danfinlay[.]github[.]io/mnemonic-account-generator/? If so, how many accounts you generated?

Same issue. Please let me know how to fix this. Thank you for your time.

Metamask has a very poor security measures. They should have integrated the 2-factor authentication in case our metamask was hacked. Also, very poor support management. They should have the live chat support. Metamask please upgrade your security measure.


Hi defiest, this happened to me. I used my secret recovery phase and it has opened a new wallet. Nothing at all is there even under the etherium network which it should have. Did you get all of your coins back using this method?

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Please refer to my replies above. And yes, I did get my coins back. Good Luck!

Thank you. Apologies for not understand but what exactly do I enter into the box on this website? Is it my seed phrases or my wallet address? /

but what exactly do I enter into the box on this website? Is it my seed phrases or my wallet address? - Seed phrase.

Already tried option 2 and no address appeared in the generator that is similar to the one I used originally. I’m running out of options.

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Same thing happend to me and i have been trying to retrieve my old address but it says its invalid, but i can go onto Etherscan and paste my old address and see all my coins still. I tried using the 12 word seed phrase but im having no luck there. I keep getting an invalid message there too because it says its supposed to be an 0x phrase and when i paste my old address, i get an error message still… Idk what to do… Support isnt too helpful either.

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Hi Would like to ask if it is possible to link your defipet account to new metamask account? My old metamask account (which is my defipet account linked) has been compromised. Any inputs? Thanks.

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i have same issue. victim of phising…

mesmo problema!

Very similar thing happened to me,
Lost connection to my profile page because my account ID was auto updated by MM as you describe in your original post

If you get any result (pos or neg) please post it

MM support has closed my support ticket and marked as solved



I have the same issue! Some how we need to make MM look into this fault! More people will be affected, eventually they’ll have to take note and help us!! :rage: