Restored metamask gave me a new address

I’m using a metamask account to play my defi pet the past week on the binance smart chain using yandex browser. Everything was running smoothly until yesterday when suddenly i was not able to connect to the server even if my account was already connected to my defi pet showing the number of dpet tokens i have which was at 45+. Tried refreshing several times and clearing cache and data to no avail always with the same result prompting me to connect to bsc wallet. I uninstalled and reinstalled metamask extension on the browser however upon new install and adding the smart chain network on the metamask wallet, it gave me a new different address and not the old address i was using to play the game. Is there a way for me retrieve my old smart chain address using my same metamask account? If there is a similar issue that was already resolved, kindly point me in that direction tyvm!

My old public address was

And my new address now is

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Any update or info on this?

same issue. please let me know if you have resolved this issue.

I have a similar problem I had to reset my wallet I used my seedphrase and was given a different wallet address hopefully your problem gets fixed and if you could help me that would be great

Thanks goodluck

I was in the same position. I had raised a ticket with MM Support and I received following link which worked for me:

Follow description of Option# 2.

Hope this helps!

What if my account is not there?

Every seed phrase has set number of accounts. Did you use this link - https[:]//danfinlay[.]github[.]io/mnemonic-account-generator/? If so, how many accounts you generated?

Same issue. Please let me know how to fix this. Thank you for your time.

Metamask has a very poor security measures. They should have integrated the 2-factor authentication in case our metamask was hacked. Also, very poor support management. They should have the live chat support. Metamask please upgrade your security measure.

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