Wallet address missing after restore

I restored my account with the secret phrase. Unfortunately, one of my accounts is missing, and I have a substantial amount of assets there. I know the full account address, but even after creating 10 accounts per the online help resource, it’s still not there. I am quite confident that I had not created 10 accounts with MetaMask previously, so I’d have expected it to be present.

I used the correct secret phrase, because I recognize account 1 as definitely correct. Is there some way to add the missing account to MetaMask since I know the address? Or is there some other solution out there for this issue?

If you figure this out can you help me also I have the same problem for few weeks already with no luck.

Same here :frowning: Did you find the solution ? Please !!! :disappointed_relieved:

Restored account but different wallet adress how can I restore my balance

Here is the link from the support I have received. It didn’t work for me, but worked for somes with the same issue : My Secret Recovery Phrase restored the wrong account – MetaMask (zendesk.com)

Thanks for this–they sent me the same link. It unfortunately did not work for me.

I am positive I only have one MetaMask secret pass phrase, I am positive I am entering it correctly because account #1 is absolutely correct, and the subaccount is just not there. I see the missing account on polygonscan and I know the only wallet I used there was MetaMask. This is beyond frustrating.