Restored Metamask No coins are showing

Please someone help me with this. I use my android cell phone for Metamask. Yesterday I added a new network, the Binance Smart Chain. Everything looked good so I signed off, BUT when I checked it this morning I could not access my Ethereum portion of Metamask. Just the Binance Smart Chain was there.

So I deleted my metamask wallet, went to the google playstore and re-downloaded it. I have my seed phrase so I did added my 12 word seed phrase with one space between each word as I followed the prompts. Did a new password then hit continue. NOTHING IS HERE. The wallet did not say wrong password or anything like that. Did I do something wrong. Im in the wallet but NO COINS. Please help!!!

There’s a few different things that could be going on here. Were the tokens in your wallet custom tokens? If you reinstalled, you may need to re-add those.

Also, there are multiple accounts in your wallet. Are you sure you’re looking at the correct account?

Lastly, less likely, but are you sure you re-entered the correct seed phrase? Sometimes people have multiple seed phrases, and accidentally re-import the wrong seed phrase, or they enter the words in the wrong order, which generates a different set of accounts.

Hi Jacob,

There were a few customized tokens. How to re-add them is the question?

I have 2 accounts in the wallet. One is the Metamask one and the other was Binance Smart Chain. When I just restored the wallet, I just get in with my seed phrase but there is no history or either account is showing up. So I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

One note is that I do have the public address from the wallet I used that had all my coins. I can see my activity on

Any help is appreciated. I love this wallet and its interface. Thanks

You can follow these instructions to re-add the custom tokens:

Please note that addresses (accounts) are interoperable between different blockchains in metamask, so you dont need to have one address that is isolated to binance chain, and one for mainnet, and so on. You can use the same address on multiple networks if you’d like.

If you are certain that your seed phrase is correct, you can try pressing “create account” several times until the public address that you are trying to recover is generated.

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Good Afternoon.

Thank you for responding. I added my 2 customized coins from Etherscan using the contract address and the other coin BAT from the add token option on the Metamask Wallet.

But it is showing zero coins for all 3 of them. What I don’t understand is I am using the correct seed phrase to restore my Metamask Wallet but my Public address is different.

Why is it my coins are showing zero if i did everything right?

Is there anything you can do to help me. I really spent some money on these coins and I want to keep them.
Thank you.

If the public address is different, that is definitely a different seed phrase. You can confirm it by looking at your address on Etherscan and seeing whether that address has any history. It is possible you’re entering the words in the wrong order. For example, sometimes people write the words vertically in two columns, but then enter the words horizontally. Or sometimes people are misreading one of the words and entering a similar word.

Hi Jacob.

My seed phrase is correct and I entered it like you suggested to try it out and it was not accepted. I re-entered it the original way I tried and it was accepted but again wrong public address and no coins. This is a Metamask issue as i have read alot of the forum similar problems that was posted. And noone seems to have had the same issue rectified. There has to be a way to get my coins back. Please help thanks

If the public address is different, it is not the same seed phrase. The only way that the same seed phrase can generate different account addresses is if the seed phrase was generated by a different wallet that used a different derivation path.

Did you bring the seed phrase from another wallet by any chance?
When did you first create this wallet?
When viewing on Etherscan, does the account have historical activity?
Were you using a hardware wallet previously, and the funds were on that hardware wallet?

Good Evening.

To answer your questions I did not bring the seed phrase from another wallet.

I set the Metamask wallet around January 19, 2021 according to Etherscan. There is over 15 transactions I did prior to this issue happening on Etherscan. I did not use a hardware wallet for any transfers or anything else. I have been in crypto since 2018 so I am familiar with hardware and mobile wallets. My seed phrase is correct…trust me on this. I am just out of options and it took some time to accumulate what I bought. I am out of options at this point.

It is the old address where you see those transactions, right? And you have a new address in your wallet that doesn’t match it, and if you view it on Etherscan, it has no transactions. Is that right?

Hi Jacob.

Yes that is correct. It is the first Metamask public address where I see the transactions.

If that is the case, I’m really sorry but that absolutely cannot be the same seed phrase. You either are entering the words in the wrong order, misreading one of the words, or using a completely different seed phrase. (sometimes people have multiple and forget which one they used).

Thanks for your response. Tell me why though when I install a new fresh Metamask account and I enter my original 12 word seed phrase it accepts it without an error? Doesnt that sound strange? How with all the existing words in the English language and a random 12 words issued for my original Metamask account does it accept then? I can accept if I made a newbie error with a wallet but i did not make any mistakes on this. I have been in the space for over 3 years now and i have never seen this. If I copied the original 12 words in order i would enter it the same way to restore a wallet right?

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If you enter valid words in the wrong order, it will accept your entry. The seed phrase is what the private keys are derived from. A different seed phrase is still valid, it just derives different private keys. I believe you are thinking of the seed phrase as being like a login, but that isn’t exactly how it works. There isn’t a registry of valid seed phrases or a database the seed phrase gets authenticated against.

You may want to consider reaching out to a private key recovery service. They may be able to help you figure out exactly what is going wrong here:

the same issue I am facing. My seed phrase is correct but the public address is changed. lost my tokens.

Exactly. I think Metamask is full of it. Love the wallet but their customer service reps that responded to my many emails all had different solutions until they said there is nothing we can do??? Like you my seed phrase is totally correct. This put a bad taste in my mouth that i am done with this platform and cryptos for now.

Yeah that’s quite disappointing. So there is no way I can recover my money… I think this whole thing has a problem

I have the same issue. I’m still waiting to hear from the customer service. It’s been 5 days now.

Cris, they responded to me rather quickly but they came back with the same bologna each time. I was inputting the seed phrase incorrectly, I was spelling the words wrong, my password was wrong etc etc. They finally told me after a number of correspondence that they ran out of options and to try a wallet recovery company???

Such bull. I truly find it hard to believe that all of us who are affected the same way trying to recover our Meta wallet are idiots that we do not know our seed phrase and passwords. Complete Non-sense.

When I get a free moment I am going to find an outside source to help us with this.

Thanks for the feedback. Do let me know how it goes. I’ll let you know when I get in touch with the team.

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