Make connecting a wallet more safe from phishing attacks

**Description: There is a scam with bogus rewards tokens as described in this article:
h-t-t-p-s://www . vice . com/en/article/epxxe7/received-some-random-cryptocurrency-it-might-be-a-phishing-scam

I received a token that was nominally shown as worth $17,000 - which is obviously bogus. The name of the token was " BONUS. VISIT [H-T-T-P-S://STBONUS . SITE TO RECEIVE REWARD
(note I added ‘-’ and spaces to the address so I could include it here in this feature request

If you navigate to that site and connect your MetaMask wallet, it can drain the entire wallet. Or at least I believe so. I fortunately rejected the connection request, so I’m not sure. When you connect MetaMask asks you to approve a whole bunch of things including trading. I could tell it was iffy and rejected the request.

The point is that newbies like me learn that you first connect the wallet to web sites. THEN after you’ve connected, you are asked to approve/reject requests for each subsequent transaction. In this case, it seems you are approving transactions just by merely connecting the wallet to the site. That’s stupid. Newbies like me may approve the connection on the assumption that there is no way they would be approving having their whole wallet drained without even being asked permission. This is f’n NUTS. You need to add more security when connecting the wallet. You can’t make it this easy for hackers to steal everything out of your wallet. FIX THIS

**Purpose:**Make it harder to have your wallet drained by merely connecting to a web site

Extension/Mobile/Both: Both



Security for your wallet is as strong as your own knowledge base is and as strong as your ability to understand and avoid scams is. That involves dApps you interact with or smart contracts you approve and so on, which you need to double or triple-check to make sure they are legit and not scams. You should be really careful visiting unknown sites, malware or spyware could have be on your device, please run a scan.

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