Please add these scams to blocked phishing list


These are 2 website with wallet drainers that are impersonating a legitimate site. If these could be blocked to help prevent loss of funds that would be great!

Here’s the scams: (the forum wont let me attach links so I’m not sure how else to do this)
http:// gigamart-fi. com/
https:// app-gigamart. com/


Hello @avery, welcome to MetaMask community!

Thank you for reporting.


mobdymask would love this #wenbeta

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It would be real nice if I didn’t have stolen what I worked decades for being stolen in seconds by forged proxy spend contracts and would also be nice if someone cared enough to look into see how it happened when a transaction is rejected how it can show up on chain saying that this transaction was approved for 0 spend and 0 gas and still have 29,400 it that transaction which drove me to so much stress (I’m old) that I couldn’t see and then was vulnerable then duped out of my keys but it all started because of a rejected transaction that showed up on chain not being approved and actually even saying that this transaction was approved for 0 spend and 0 gas and still have 29,400 USDC in it. When I revoked the transaction way to late because it instantly went to a decentralized exchange, the page changed to show an online approval. The only thing being approved was a revoke, however, a revoke was the only thing being approved. Blockchair does have limited prior states online blockchair
Every evm sandbox I ran the code stored online in showed it to be error unauthorized.

There are many reasons a smart contract that uses a current eth address to be then safe multisig wallet is needed to be the safe, many would rather keep the address they have rather than moving coins to a new address, someone may have been duped out of their keys been simswaped or hacked in numerous other ways, and have invested tens or hundreds of thousands in an ICO and need to protect that investment. I there were a platform where after a person roves the funding of the compromised wallet by making some transaction with the wallet they funded the compromised wallet with. The contract could require at least two other signatures before coins could be sent from or rerouted before reaching the wallet. This would make compromised wallets safe and could be moved to another wallet if wanted after the required signature’s, and the ones the weren’t due to a breach but just not wanting a new address. Some may have invested hundreds of thousands to an ICO or something and therefore must be able to create a safe of that address by requiring the multisig, one that would also prevent flashbots from scooping up online before the transaction reached the safe.

The problem lies with MetaMask, their security is extremely poor and as a result there are hackers that can easily access all of our accounts and remove our assets. I have reported it several times and they give their security speel about not giving out your seed phrases etc.bla bla bla bla. I know tons of users being hacked every day and they are aware of it but do nothing but blow smoke.
Id like to see MetaMask do a full security upgrade to protect their users from these hackers that take our assets out whenever they please.

Sorry to hear about the frustration, there are unfortunately many scammers out there that try to take advantage of MetaMask users. The MetaMask team prioritizes security and is constantly working to improve it and educate users on best practices to stay safe and protected. Please remember that MetaMask is a self-custodial wallet and user’s are ultimately responsible for keeping their Secret Recovery Phrase safe, not visiting malicious sites, and checking every transaction they confirm.

Our Knowledge Base provides extensive resources:


Is there no way that MetaMask can recover or block these wallets that continue to steal our tokens?

Hi @gregorys ,

MetaMask is a self-custodial wallet. This means you, the owner of the wallet, are the only one with access to your wallet and assets.

There are steps you can take to report scams. See more here:

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I see that nothing has been done to prevent the loss of your clients assets.

We continue to have coins stolen daily, you are well aware of it but refuse to do anything.

Hi @gregorys. I see that @KBeeTheCapybara and @nakedwinnie already gave you most of the information regarding your concerns with MetaMask.

I will reiterate. MetaMask is a free self-custodial wallet. It has no control over your wallet or what you do with it. You are the only one in control. It’s up to you to not give that control away.

For example, the forum bot tagged your post coming from your email as an issue, because it contained personal information of yours, most likely attached through an email signature. I had to delete that information before approving your post. It’s information like this that’s leaked by the user itself that leads to the user being scammed or hacked on a daily basis.

MetaMask does its part in regards to security and improves upon it continuously to prevent users getting hacked, but it’s only so much MetaMask can do to help users. Everyone needs to be careful what they interact with, which dApps they trust and how they do their research beforehand.
Do NOT ever share your Secret Recovery Phrase or private keys with anyone, EVER.


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