Is my account safe now?

Greetings everyone!
I didn’t give my secret phrase away, I didn’t lose my password, I didn’t get hacked. I granted permission to a scammer/phishing site by mistake (never go to “dapp-airdrop dot com”!).
I revoked MetaMask permission to 0x83554106EaEdC139AA5e05F7D846A1828AE0274a, which is the address of the scammer, at bscscan → tokenapprovalchecker
Please let me know if my account is safe again or there are addtitional steps I need to take to ensure it is.
Thank you in advance.


I really need to know how to make sure that if I add more tokens to my MetaMask it won’t get stolen again.
Please help!

Hey @Wonka, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Good job realizing it was a scam and not giving away your Secret Recovery Phrase :+1:

For your best safety and security, I would suggest a new MetaMask wallet. Here is more information on scammers and scam tactics in our Knowledge Base that may help you:


Thank you @nakedwinnie :vulcan_salute:
I am worried about all games currently linked to my MetaMask wallet, will they be lost? I still have currency inside those games.


What you do with your currency inside those games is up to you, but if you were to create a new wallet then I would suggest removing the currency inside those games and then transferring them over to your new wallet.

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Thank you again.
I still can not “liquify” all in game assets, I can’t change wallets just yet.
In theory, revoking approvals from the scammer should make my MetaMask safe, but I’m just affraid to lose my money again.

I have compromised my wallet on a different site but the address is the same. When the scammer attempted to send funds I managed to intercept the notification and set the token amount to 0 and cancelled the transaction. My question is: How do I revoke approval to this wallet? How do I revoke approval to a smart contract? Can this be done in Metamask? I can disconnect a site but that is not the same thing as far as I am aware.

Thank you.

Hey @jurka, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Please create a new topic for your separate issue :slight_smile: