Clicked on something in metamask, and may have sent tokens to a scam, but maybe not

I really don’t remember the details of what all I clicked, but I remember I thought it was an nft thing. I know better than to click random stuff, BUT I was let’s say not at my best at the time. It seems like I sent my BANK tokens into a black hole, but maybe not. I do know it’s making me sick trying to figure it out.
The tx is 0x926510e40b01d77da6face893f2967734b367f1624f917e059faf5c07c57a13d if someone could check please?

You approved :roll_eyes: trading BANK tokens at eth address: 0xe2facbebbe29a94a17590f9a56e721fb7d610795 and
all BANK tokens are gone :see_no_evil:

According to the comments here :point_down: the address belongs to the scammers

Cancel the trading permit here:

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Thank you so much for checking that for me. It totally sucks, but at least I know, and it could have been worse. I approved the BANK, but it kept going down the list of my assets and I stopped clicking things at that point. It was some damn twitter thing talking about working with the bankless guys.

You have to be careful what you approve :slightly_smiling_face:


Also, I looked at the link to revoke permission and the revoke button is greyed out. They didn’t take anything other than the bank tokens, does that mean they no longer have access? I suppose they would have cleaned me out if they could have.

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For sure! I was bummed and not doing well at the time.

Hmm you have to have a cool head :smile: crypto boy and never take quick steps…

How to revoke smart contract:

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Heh yeah, stuff like this is why most of my crypto is locked away - to protect it from myself lol.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Button is greyed out :slightly_smiling_face: because you did not connect the metamask wallet to the etherscan web.


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