Metamask wallet usdc drain

Yesterday i face issue. USDC is withdrawn from my meta mask Ethereum wallet. i don’t see transaction in Meta mask. month ago, same thing happen, my eth balance is withdrawn from my eth wallet. when reported the issue with Meta mask, they gave general answer that i have shared my wallet seed phrase and private key someone instead of doing investigation. i have heard, this thread is related to tornado Cash.

Reported the issue yesterday. not received MetaMask reply. from the social media, i came many people got affected. expecting this MetaMask should do some serious investigation. help us to understand the how this happen. they should also how to make their more secure.



Hello @macaw_sui !
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Are there any transactions you are talking about in the block explorer? Can you write your address so that we can check it?

There is an enormous abundance of attack vectors that could have been the reason your wallet was compromised. Some common causes are article below:


Hello @macaw_sui, welcome to MetaMask community!

Security on MetaMask part is as tight as it can be. Security on the user part, not so much in most cases, as MetaMask is a self-custodial wallet.

Here are some common scams detailed.

Please stop using the same compromised wallet and make sure your pc/phone is safe to use and it isn’t compromised as well by any malware or other kind of issues. Your wallet is as safe as the environment on which you store it, since everything is local and self-custodial, you hold the keys to it. Also, do not share those private keys, the Secret Recovery Phrase or the json file with anyone, ever.


One more thing to add on above, check a blockchain explorer for your history. It contains the accurate information. You can use something like that captures several networks. you do not need to connect your wallet to any of these sites. Simply copy/paste your wallet address.

When you are in or any other similar blockchain explorer, be sure to check all tabs below to see various transaction history.


More info on blockchain explorers here:

As Chinzilla has noted, please stop using the same compromised wallet. the articles Chinzilla and snwlprd shared are very helpful, please see them.


This is something which occurs daily on all MetaMask wallets. The security is extremely poor and your stolen funds are never recovered.
I know numerous people that get continually robbed of their coins that have never shared seed phrases, passwords etc.
Its a massive issue that MetaMask need to deal with.

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Hello @gregorys, welcome to MetaMask community!

Transactions on blockchain are final, irreversible. MetaMask is a self-custodial wallet which means you have complete control over your own wallet you created and what you do with it. That involves dApps you interact with or smart contracts you approve and so on, which you need to double or triple-check to make sure they are legit and not scams.
Security for your wallet is as strong as your own knowledge base is and as strong as your ability to understand and avoid scams is. What you described sounds like a sweeper hack, tell that to the people that get continually robbed, while you also tell them to stop using the compromised wallet. Read these articles: