USDT disappearing

My USDT was deducted from my wallet and there’s no activity.

I wanted to swap using UniSwap, however on MetaMask i didnt press reject / agree buttons…i just closed the MetaMask confirmation page and boom checking my USDT was deducted and theres no log

Hello @eleman.

Can you expand more on what your issue is exactly? Here are a few articles that i think may help to find out more information, on your own.

And this one, in case the token you exchanged your USDT for wasn’t added to your wallet for you to see it.

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i edited my query, check again for details

Have you looked up your wallet address on etherscan to check what happened to your USDT? I have no way of finding out for yourself.

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on etherscan, it doesnot show

You can enter your wallet address in the Ethereum browser and view all your tokens in the token list.
Then see if USDT is there


on etherscan its not there

MetaMask would not process the transaction if you didn’t approve it yourself. Check to make sure you’re on the right network in your wallet interface and check the entire etherscan page after you input your wallet address, to see what happened.


Hi @eleman,

Confirming the USDT was on Ethereum Mainnet or was it a token on another network? If another network, you could use something like to look up info, it will bring up all network explorers with activity on your wallet.

If it was on Ethereum Mainnet, have you checked under all 3 of these areas on Etherscan?

If these do not work, you can reach out to MetaMask support by going to and clicking the large blue ‘Start a Conversation’ bubble like the image below. This will first connect you with a bot but as you answer questions it will connect you with an agent.


Thanks i saw the 18 usdt, they went through an Avalanche Old Bridge and am asking my self who did this and how do i recover this

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Did you use Avalanche? If you’re hesitant to provide details publicly, totally understand. You can reach out to MetaMask help desk to have them guide you more 1:1 in a private space if you prefer.

Remember, nobody, including support, will ever ask you to provide or verify your secret recovery phrase ever.

No i didn’t use Avalanche, i was just on Etherium mainnet, as i explained the whole process.

Personally i believe its a vulnerability in MetaMask, recently my Wife lost 300USDT just like that…no transaction history, no approvals or rejects and they were gone

Hi @eleman ,

It’s not possible for the funds to disappear without it being recorded to transaction history on a blockchain network. will bring up most networks associated with a wallet. You can use what pops up to see what transactions happened/where.

It is likely her wallet was compromised somehow. Here is an article that dives into the most common ways. MetaMask is open-source. Because of this anyone is able to review and is encouraged to do so :slight_smile: - MetaMask · GitHub

Here are some other articles from Knowledge Base that may be good to look into for info too:

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Using a hardware wallet is an advisable security measure to take. Think of it like an extra lock and set of keys. If you buy a hardware wallet, only buy it directly from the company and not a 3rd party app like Amazon, eBay, etc. I’m also including some articles on hardware wallets:

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Why cant just MetaMask add 2FA for spending. Those who believe that this is not a MetaMask exploit either used or some code conditions going wrong, wait till it happens

look at some of the comment to the address my funds went

It’s not a MetaMask exploit, it’s typically some type of interaction with a malicious contract or a security breach on a users device as detailed best with spoofing, sweeping, and clipboard hacking here in the Common Scams and How to Avoid Them article here

Regarding your question about the comments on the address. Sometimes when people get scammed they will leave comments on the address that took their funds. This is open for anyone to do.

Here are some methods you can use for reporting scams:

Also here is an article that is another good read:


Regarding 2FA, here is an article diving into why it’s not implemented.

and here

Getting a hardware wallet and diving into education materials on security measures to take, including for your device, and also how to verify contract details that you’re interacting with is what we can do to empower ourselves in this space. I’ll provide some more links here on this too!

Education material: