Sent USDT from Binance to metamask and balance 0

Today I sent USDT used ETH network and transaction is completed but balance in MetaMask on Ethereum Mainnet showing 0 USDT.

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Hello @xdnehtx , welcome to MetaMask community.

Have you already imported usdt contract into your account ? Try adding it manually too if it doesn’t show up automatically.

:eyes: remember, never give your Wallet credentials (seedwords or private keys ) to anyone asking for it including MetaMask support agents anywhere . Stay safe out there .

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Yes I imported USDT contract adress on ETH mainnet

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Have you checked on the etherscan to see if the funds are really there yet ?
You can also paste your wallet address here too


Hello @xdnehtx,

Right after receiving USDT in your account, 236.41 USDC has been sent to this address: 0x324e2d42d7b65e5574787c331dfaa29d2dead666

If you do not recognize the address, most possibly, your wallet has been compromised.
Do NOT transfer any funds to this account and please refer to the following post:

It is likely that a sweeper bot has been attached to your account.


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