USDT sent from Binance to Metamask has not arrived


I hope someone can help.
Someone sent me USDT from Binance to my Metamask.
I got the token in my Metamask and I’m connected to the smart chain network. But the transaction is not appearing. On Etherscan and on Binance it says that the transaction was successful.

Any idea what the problem could be?

This is the transaction hash: 0x50fdb9d847b5ba27e37ae15e3f59aeecef69bada813c4b7a8b3cbc11b02bd20f

I hope someone can help,


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I have same problem.

You’ve successfully withdrawn 10.11070000 USDT to the address .
Your withdrawal address is 0x7795C11162665EbF8E3b191191b553DFB4ba9376,txid is 0x767b32a8fb5c262799c06aedb6420b342260e3fb8a6b7aa4edc093c772c20cc0

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Make sure that you have imported USDT as a custom token. Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

Contract address for USDT on Ethereum :point_down:

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Hey @Iakella, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Your transaction was done on BSC. Make sure you have imported the correct contract address on BSC :point_down:

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I too face the same problem of sending USDT from Binance to Metamask. Before sending I ensured that my Metamask is in Binance Smart Chain network. I also added USDT as custom token.
Despite the above, the USDT not credited to my Metamask. I can however see the USDT sent stuck in the BSCscan dot com under Token. How to retrieve them to my Metamask account? Please guide.

Thank you - my question above got answered as soon as I imported the correct contract address on BSC as you have indicated above. Thank you once again - it is a great relief!!!


Fiz a transação mas com endereço errado, coloquei o endereço para cadastro da moeda no MetaMask e não o da minha conta, como recupero o valor?

Você realizou um saque com sucesso de 0.04419473 BNB para o endereço. Seu endereço de saque é 0x0f5351b9eaefd6687dff143de6ea5d01cb9c1205, txid é 0x5046acb4b2c3ad4a815ce9844bd7c149ab959d8a5d24e1ac1ae5098b

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