I sent crypto from my one USDT erc20 wallet to Metamask USDT but I haven't got the money

I sent crypto from my one USDT erc20 wallet to my MetaMask USDT wallet but I haven’t got the money. What can I do?
I waited 2 hours but it is too long for a simple operation.

It was my mistake.
What I did is I clicked to USDT in MetaMask, then I clicked dots above-right, and I found there an address. So, I shoudlve NOT use this address.
All I needed to do is to use MetaMask Account Address. When I did it, operation was successfull.


Hello and welcome to MetaMask community :slight_smile:
If the transaction was successful maybe you just need to import the USDT token on the Ethereum Mainnet in your MetaMask wallet.

  1. Click on ‘import tokens’ at the bottom of the asset tab in your MetaMask extension
  2. Click on custom token
  3. Fill in the information required, token contract address: 0xdAC17F958D2ee523a2206206994597C13D831ec7

You can also use this article for guidance:


What is this address from step 3?
I’m afraid to fill in an address from stranger :smiley:

Can I see my operations somehow?


I mean, I think I gotta just see money on my usdt wallet, no?
Should I import the payment? It’s weird


Oh sorry, I forgot to mention: it’s the token’s contract address. You can easily find it also on CoinGecko and add it from there :slight_smile:


I am not sure I understand what you mean by USDT wallet. If you sent the USDT token to your MetaMask wallet on the Ethereum network, this token needs to be added manually in order for you to see the balance. By default MetaMask only displays a network’s native token: for the Ethereum Mainnet is ETH, for the Binance Smart chain network is BNB etc. Other tokens, custom tokens need to be displayed manually following the steps I have provided.


Hi @Andrew_Igumnov ,

Can confirm everything @Urban.Moods is sharing is legit.

If you use a blockchain explorer, like blockscan.com and you copy in your public wallet address that you sent the funds to, do you see the funds in that address on the related network? You do not need to connect your wallet to this site, you are simply pasting in your public address that you would have sent funds to. All networks you used with the particular address you copy in will appear.

As always, never share your secret recovery phrase with anyone, including inputting onto a site asking for it.



@Urban.Moods @KBeeTheCapybara
Ok, I tried what you suggested but it is saying me that “Token has already been added.”


More detailes about the transfer.
I sent it from yobit. net . Somebody could think it’s scam website but it is not, I use it last 3-4 years for some operations.
There’s code about operation “0x5b6a91952e11836b3081fd163c412375f7XXXXX0ec03e01cf8f257c6” (I changed some letters here, I dont know is it safe to write it here).

I transfered 25 usdt, 5 usdt is gas, so I had to get 20 usdt.


I created MetaMask wallet today, I haven’t used it before


Maybe I don’t understand something about ercc20, trc20 and etc.

Which one MetaMask is using? It is not written anywhere, just USDT.

But I’m sure I sent it from USDT erc20 wallet.


so, 25 dollars is not a big deal. I just want to know how I can send crypto correctly.


Hi Andrew,

Can you go to blockscan.com and drop in your public wallet address (long string of numbers/letters). Once you copy paste in, do you see your transaction of USDT coming in, and if so what network is it on?

Here is where you can find this address :


found it
There’s a lot of information, gimme a second


there’s written that operation is succesfull.
All I mention above is correct (amount of money and etc.)


Regarding the tx hash you shared, nothing can get compromised by you sharing that tx hash ID or your public address HOWEVER it does open you up to risk of social engineering attacks (this why it’s a good idea to never use your real name or same name as other forums/emails/sites in things related to finance or investing, like crypto).

So basically, it’s not a bad thing that you are cautious. You can reach out to MetaMask support by going to support.metamask.io (or just click ‘Knowledge Base’ on the top right hand side of this forum screen you are on), then click the large blue ‘Start a Conversation’ bubble that’s in the upper-middle right of the screen. This will initially connect you with a bot, as you answer questions it will get you a ticket with an agent that should be live chat in this situation.


Great! blockscan.com will bring up most the blockchains your wallet has interacted with. When you clicked on it, did the website start with etherscan.io or something else?


When I put in the hash code, it shows etherscan. io → transactions. Yep.

I will try to contact support if we will not resolve the problem.
But when I tried to do it before there were just FAQ.


Ok, so when you’re on etherscan.io do you just see your transaction of ‘IN’ appearing for the $25? Is there anything after your in, that shows an out for a similar amount of USDT?


Sorry but I’ve got limit for replies at my first Topic. So, info from my operation @Urban.Moods

Yes. As I said, there’s written that operation is “success”.
Also, there’s info:

  • 5 hrs 47 mins ago (Jul-06-2022 02:04:21 PM +UTC)| Confirmed within 30 secs
  • FROM: (my wallet)
  • TO: (my MetaMask usdt wallet, I checked it)
  • Transaction Fee:
    0**.**004287021 Ether ($4.94)

Gas Price:

0**.**000000093 Ether (93 Gwei)

  • Gas Limit & Usage by Txn:

  • 56,097 | 46,097 (82.17%)

  • Gas Fees:

  • Base: 42**.**491853061 Gwei

I dont see any IN or OUT at the Etherscan io.
Where can I find it?

@KBeeTheCapybara I cant add more replies, only change description of the topic :smiley: