USDT to Metamask. Funds Not Showing

Can anyone help. I have sent USDT from Kucoin to my wallet. I have added the token and used the erc20 network for the transfer, but no no tokens have showed up.

I have checked the etherscan .io page and it says the transaction was completed . (one point it shows the transcation as $0 value despite 5K of usdt being transferred and confirmed by Kucoin. Can anyone assist

Hi, would you like to share wallet address and transaction id so I can have a look?

Go to your BSCSCAN “Transaction Details Page” and go to the “Interacted With” Area. Copy the contract # in there and then go to your Metamask wallet. Go into the Smart Chain Network and go to “import token”. Paste the copied contract # into the “Contract Token Address” and then “Add Custom Token”. You should see the tokens appear, at least it did for me. You may need to check the EthSCAN as well for the contract #.

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