Not found USDT token from binance to metamask

So I’m fairly new and experimenting with Metamask. I sent 10 USDT from binance to my metamask address. I added the RPC main bsc network prior to make the deposit. On bscscan the transaction appears as success, but I don’t see it on my metamask wallet. I did try to connect it to the bscscan w3 site to se whether I can see my tokens transferred but to no avail. Is there a reason behind it?. FYI, I used the transfer network BEP20(BSC) on Binance to make the transfer.

Must click Add Token - Custom token and add contract address Binance-Peg BUSD-T: 0x55d398326f99059ff775485246999027b3197955 Binance-Peg BUSD-T (BUSD-T) Token Tracker | BscScan

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Thanks. I did just that. But now I have the following update:

It seems it looks like a token with no value. But it was worth 10$ on Binance. Does it mean that for that usdt token is not recognized on metamask?. Woudl the same happen if I try to transfer BNB tokens from binance to a bsc network?

Sorry man i don’t use BSC :smile: BSC is bad network… people
are losing a lot of money :expressionless: on Binance Smart Chain.

When you send 0.05 BNB from Binance (use BEP20 for transaction)
on your ETH metamask address :slightly_smiling_face: metamask show 0.05 BNB
and test send 1 USDT to Binance (must search deposit address for Binance-Peg BUSD-T token)

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Don’t worry man, I am noob on this and now I know BSC sucks!. So I’ll use BEP20 now onwards. Fortunately I tried with a low amount of 10 USDT, so now I learn my lesson. I’ll try to do what you suggest, in worst case scenario I lost those 10 bucks, but gain experience :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much, I thought I lost it, now I understood

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Is your issue already been resolved? I just figured out how to transfer from custom token busdt or swap

Nope, I still got that money laying down there.

Sometime what really happen is… Using BSc network on metamask is kind of slow processing. I mean it definitely required all the combinations to fulfilled.

  1. Now to see how many combinations are completed so far and remaining, simply go to transaction history and copy txn (or whatever term they use) or otherwise use the same address you have created custom token with for BSc…

  2. Paste in which you can also find in metamask. Now (can you see me, can you) look at the combination there… Let it complete it takes time… In my case it was like 6.9M something combination which took it around 21 days to be completed.

  3. If it is already completed… Vola, you can simply go to your preferred browser and add metamask extension. In my case I prefer Chrome ( LOL, surprising info for many), so simply connect your meta mask extension get login to extension.

  4. NOW (getting frustrated) login using Smart chain network which ofcourse you have done it already after downloading extension. Once you open the extension you will find it top right corner, if you won’t find Smart chain network simply create one magical browser name Google will help you create one in less than 10 secs

  5. (Additional Step) Once you logged into metamask extension you can view in expand view click on right 3 vertical dots expand view

  6. At this moment, we all are on same page… One eternity later… It showing BNB and whatever you have token in there right? OK… Surprising for many as for me too, you need to click add token same way that you did for your wallet, even you sync whatever you may not find same setup of custom tokens in extension ones… Details are mentioned in above comments, for creating custom token… Or simply go to bscscan then usdt then copy 0x55… Address, and paste it… Done… But thanks to contributor here in this community… hats off to them thank you to guys for your contribution and effort in making millionaires… Billionaires don’t use community they have lawyers and experts to play their cards (shocking right… Sorry back to game of recovering gems).

  7. Now can you see your custom BUSDT here or Usdt here… Great… Click it shake it make it take it… You can see an active Swap option here, which in my case was not active in wallet. Swap itttttt, guys… Curtains drop please… But Pain in A… Wait wait do you have bnb in your account to process the transaction you need a small smallest smallest smallest amount of bnb to process the transaction… Ofcourse pay them money b…hes…done! Enjoy you are official pro now change your binance wallet from lite to pro

Sent you PM… :wink::wink::wink: Some privacy

Hi Shabi i have the same problem can i give you some questions in PM

Hi Karat, if you’re facing the same issues as discussed above, kindly revisit my last detailed version of suggested solution up in the discussion. If it won’t help you out please post your question if t is related to same query & yes, you can PM as well, whatever suits you best. Thanks

Hi Luigi i did the same thing but i cant see next button and i can only see add token on the buttom…when i paste the contract address it has red notes below”personal address detected paste contract address” but i copied the contract address on my history

Hi @Bonjames try the page: click on fox :fox_face: