Want to send USDT from Binance to Metamask Wallet through BEP20

Hi there! I sent USDT from my binance account to metamask smart chain via bep20 network. The funds have left binance and transaction is appearing successful on bsc can, but I have not received the usdt in my metamask wallet. Can anyone please help?? Im afraid I’ll lose my usdt! :confused:

Hi @Freestyler welcome to Metamask community Forum!

Did you switch your Network from ETH to BSC (Binance smart chain) in your metamask wallet.
In the following link you will find the detail information bow to add a Network in Metamask wallet.

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Hi, Yes I had already changed the network in mm from eth to binance smart chain. Thats the reason Im not able to figure out what went wrong. What else do I need to check?

Sometime you need to add tokens manually, click on add tokens in BSC network and enter the contract address of USDT bep20 which is following


You can copy paste this into contract address and add tokens then you will be able to see the tokens there.


That helped buddy! I had added USDT address of another chain earlier I guess. Adding bep20 worked! Thanks a lot!


I am glad It helped you, you can mark my answer as a solution here to help others to find out solutions to a similar problem.


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