USDT not credited from Binance to Metamask Ethereum Mainnet using BEP20

I sent USDT from Binance using BEP20 Network into Metamask’s Ethereum Mainnet. I didn’t get the USDT in my account in Metamask.

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usdt will be in your bnb wallet. Add bep20 to your MM for viewing.
usdt will only appear in your Ethereum Mainnet if you send using erc20 Network

I am not able to see the USDT in Smart Chain Network as well in Metamask.

I tried importing USDT through the contract address of USDT i got from Coinmarketcap.

You can search for your payment address in bscscan and check your balance.

I am not able to find any transaction reflecting in the bsc scan as well. I am afraid where its gone?

When I try to paste the USDT contract address from coinmarketcap/Etherscan/CoinGecko it gives an error :“personal address detected. Enter the token contract address”

Impossible, Binance has a record of withdrawals.
If you are not worried about privacy issues, you can also send your own eth-receiving address and I will retrieve it for you.

Enter your own wallet address that accepts eth into bscscan, what are you searching for?

Hi, I am able to find the bscscan transaction. Thank you a ton for your guidance.

Now I am not able to purchase Lilly Finance with USDT. Firstly I am not able to add the USDT into Smart Chain network.

On the bep20 chain, every transaction must use bnb as gas. What you need is to transfer a small amount of bnb to your address via bep20.

use this to search bnb
Add the bep20 mainnet to your MM.

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Thank you a ton, I am able to find the USDT in Smart Chain now.

But I am not able to use it to buy Lilly FInance. So I am looking for an option to transfer back these tokens to Binance

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you need some bnb for gas to send it back.

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