Sent UDST from Binance do Matamask

I can not see anything in my wallet. When trying to add new token, USDT is on a list but no option to click and add. Transaktion was copleted on the Binance side.

Hi Zibi use BEP20 for withdrawal USDT?

if yes must add BSC Connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain | Binance Academy
and after click Add Token - Custom token - search you USDT contract agdress on the pages (when used BEP20) or (when used ERC20)

How to View/See Your Tokens :point_down:

Hi Luigi
Many thanks for your reply. I used ERC20 to transfer USDT from Binance. I just managed to connect to Binance Smart Chain as you adviced. It is possible now to add USDT token in this network but the value USDT is zero. I can see ot Ehterscan in my wallet overview that this token is there somewhere, but can’t see in metamask wallet. How can I get the value of the token to my wallet?

Zibi when you used ERC20 you don’t need Binance Smart Chain
must open entered Metamask ETH address
and search your USDT token contract address…

or try this :point_down: open page :point_right:

Thank you. Still not working. I did it. Got a screen “Add suggested tokens” then I click add token and noting happens. I have only listed ETH on my main screen with “loading tokens…” info below.

See some screen shots. Maybe this could tell you something.

Tuve un problema similar. No igual, similar. La solución: agregar el token BUSD-T, buscando en BSCscan… Primero agregué USDT y no pasó nada. Agregué después BUSD-T y ahí sí apareció el dinero en la wallet (y apareció como USDT con otro logo).
Bien, solo ese comentario, por si te sirve. Es simplemente probar agregando un toquen

I did what you sugested. Nothing changed at first but when I closed everything (once again), even my machine and ten turned on, USDT is there. I’m so happy. Thank you SIGAR81 and also LUIGI
I think I wll send them back to binance or swap to ETH (huge fee). I’m quite afraid using anyting but EHT in this wallet now. Is there any save way to send USDT to Binance back (I see, some peple have problems with it in this comunity)?

This could be also a secret. There are permissions you may set to your extensions. I had checked the first one (only when you click extension). Now changed to “for all sites” and finally can see tokens.