USDT from BEP20 to Eth Mainet

Sent USDT from Binance Smart Chain network to the Ethereum and it showed as successful, but not showing up in Eth network?

I have added token, still ni luck,

TXID: 0xa67697b38d80c644f676ca88d82cf18b9456685e046fced15faf35d22d962655

Hi Nulla,

I swapped from the BSC to ETH Mainer within Metamask - it was showing up in the BSC (BEP20) account before, now not showing on either BSC or ETH Mainer

All help appreciated

Essentially sent between BP20 and Eth Mainet accounts on same Metamask, says complete too, even added the token address - any ideas? all help appreciated.

best regards,


Hi Jamie @JPIDZ44 what token address did you add?
ETH address which ending: 196EbC is your MetaMask address?


I swapped from one of my MetaMask accounts to another in the same app - but the USDT isn’t showing up, it showed up prior to the switch.

My MetaMask address is: 0x98AE7e66547170fA687869A977AaE58569a9c0B3

Now I cannot see it in either account!

Appreciate all help,


Luigi please help me I had added a topic I lost my matic please help me

How do I move USDT from one meta mask account to another please?

I would like all the coins in one place if possible!


@newbienft do not write in every post :see_no_evil: I can’t restore your matics… sorry man.

@JPIDZ44 this :point_down: is also your MetaMask address? 949 Binance-Peg BSC-USD is there

no way to restore my matic? :frowning: I think I transfer them from polygon network to bep20 and they dont support polygon network
no wayy?!!

Are you from metamask support if now how can I contact them


Yes this is also my address in Metamask too…


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@newbienft I am not MetaMask support. When you sent matic on exchange website :roll_eyes: only exchange support can return your matic.

yeah same issue here. i believe we will ahve to send it back to Binance and then resend with ERC20 Network.

Not sure if there are any other solution:(
@Nulla: Kindly advise