Balance not showing at Mainnet Account


I sent bep20/ usdt and ETH / from Binance to MetaMask ,
and i add a bsc network so that is is shouwn at it but the proplem :

how i can move to Mainnet account eth or bsc to use it ?

my account :

(How to move my ETH tokens from BSC to Mainnet)

Binance Smart Chain use gas BNB send 0.05 BNB to your Metamask eth address :point_right: send from Binance and use BEP-20

Warning :warning: deposit address search in your Binance account NOT in metamask transaction.

thanks for reply

1- Now if i send 0.05 bnb from binance to metamask are i can move a balance from bcs network to mainnet account eth ?

2- And what you meaning with this

//Warning :warning: deposit address search in your Binance account NOT in metamask transaction.//

, i will send from binance to this account ( 0x1F8----50F2 ) !!

amm3ro this is your transaction that?
You withdraw USDT and use Bep20?
If YES must open binance and usdt - deposit and click bep20 adress
For test send small amount 2-5 $ :smiley:

2 :point_right:Warning :warning: don’t send to Binance Hot Walet

Binance-Peg Ethereum Token send to ETH bep20 adress in you binance acount.

yes it is and i make ETH .

but to this moment i dont know how move it to mainnet account !!

i see it at token but canot put it at mainnet

not clear(are you have article about this point) ,

i donot want sent to binance .

i sent from binance to metamask .

Yes I understand :grinning: but now your crypto on Binance Smart Chain

You have not ETH but Binance Peg Ethereum Token

For mainet must use Ethereum ( ETH ) ERC20 and not BEP20

ok , and to move it from Binance Smart Chain to ETH need gas BNB

so that i will send 0.05 BNB to my Metamask eth address : 0x1FB----50F2

i will send from Binance and use BEP-20

that right ?

YES Binance Smart Chain use BNB gas

great i do it now i have 0.0682 bnb
and i returne ustd and Binance Peg Ethereum Token to binance

now how i will move a bnb balance to eth mainnet in metamask ?

from here

to here

eth mainnet dont support BNB :grinning: send to Binance

how i will charge acoount eth mainnet

if i send from binannce ERC20

to my address at metamask

it will done ?

YES :grinning: ETH show on mainet if send eth from binannce Ethereum (ERC20)

hello, we have same issues
i have do what you do, but i still 0 amount on my metamask use BSC Mainnet network.
can you guys help me ?