How to move my ETH tokens from BSC to Mainnet

Hi all,

I’ve try everything to move my ETH (tokens) to another Metamask wallet. Basically, i wan’t to change my token to Mainnet network from BSC.


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Welcome to the MetaMask Community @Chuche!! :fox_face: :rocket:

You can use the Binance Bridge to move your tokens from/to BSC and ETH Mainnet. You will need BNB in order to do so.

Hey, so sorry for the stupid question I am new to MetaMask and I need to transfer from BSC to ETH Mainnet and I can’t understand how to do so :frowning: is there step-by-step guidance somewhere?

Welcome to the MetaMask Community @Denny!! :fox_face: :rocket:

You can read more about the Binance Bridge and how to use it here.

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that bridge wants min. 0.52 ETH which we havent got. how can we save the money with other way please