Bridge from BSC to ETH mainnet

Hello everyone,

I was de-verified by Binance Europe because I am a US Citizen (living in Europe), so I was forced to withdraw all my coins to my MetaMask wallet. Also I had EURO in Binance, but they made me switch it to BNB first and then withdraw it… to the BSC network of course.

Anyway, now I am trying to move my assets from BSC to the Ethereum mainnet, so I can use it with other exchanges like Coinbase or so. I understand that I should not send it as BNB, but would you suggest I swap the BNB for ETH (in BSC) and then send the ETH from BSC to Ethereum mainnet?

Should I use something like FixedFloat(.)com to do that?

Any tips would be really appreciated, I am stuck with all this BNB on BSC because Binance unverified me. :frowning:

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Hi @JadaJ you can use FixedFloat | Instant cryptocurrency exchange :slightly_smiling_face:


PS: if you are using this page for the first time :upside_down_face: test it for some small amount BNB (BEP20).


HI @Luigi

So I don’t need to trade BNB to ETH on BSC? I just do it like this?

Yes I will test it with a small amount first!

Thank you so much!

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You don’t have to trade it for ETH (BSC)

This page will send you the cryptocurrency which you choose in RECEIVE


When you choose Tether :slightly_smiling_face: you get Tether…


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