Moved my BNB from Binance to ETH Mainnet instead of BSC

Hey guys, I tried transferring some BNB that I got from Binance using the ERC20 address at the top of MetaMask. I already set up the BSC chain before hand but it seems like instead of going into the BSC wallet it went into the Mainnet wallet. Is there a way to move it from the mainnet back to BSC? I tried transferring the BNB back to Binance but it’s not letting me hit next on the Send option. It says no conversion rate available in the amount section and any amount I put it doesn’t allow me to hit the send button.

Transaction id: 0x2316a5e429fd4f75344dd9b86a23c18c6a99eaea71a99c8fb9756667fd015207

Hi @cc1234 you need some Ethereum for your MetaMask wallet.
Because transaction fee is Ethereum :slightly_smiling_face:


See some tutorial on YouTube :point_down:

Test it first on a small amount of BNB :bangbang:

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ok the video didnt help me out but im having the same problem. I have 1 BNB on the Ethereum Mainnet because I converted BNB from bsc to erc20 accidentally by withdrawing it from binance. Now that I know I need to send it back to Binance to fix this issue, it won’t let me because of insufficient funds for gas fees although I have $40 worth of ETH to fund that gas fee.