I cant see my usdt in my Metamask

Hi i recently sent usdt to my metamask wallet using binance but i dont seem to see my usdt, i already have added usdt to my wallet but it says 0.

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Hi @chensense what network did you use? BSC or Ethereum network?

I used the BEP20 network, i also checked in bscan, and its in my wallet i just cant see my token.

Hmm :thinking: check IN and OUT transactions


is this correct?

Yeah :smiley: and you don’t see any OUT transaction?

yeah thats the only one transaction

Try open page: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/tether/ and click on fox :fox_face:


It worked! so i used a different network for my USDT thats why it didn’t show?

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Yeah :smiley: :+1: you have to be careful. Now your USDT token is on the BSC network.

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Okay ill take note of that, thank you for the help and fast response!

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