USDT didnt show in my MetaMask BSC Wallet

my client send me 1,200 USDT to my BSC Wallet

heres the BSC scan - transaction Hash

status is Success

but it didnt show in my Wallet, i use desktop chrome and mobile metamask still cant find it… both already add USDT token

what should i do?
please help, thanks!

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Hi Jojo,

Checking the transaction I see your 1200 USDT came in to your account and then out a few hours later:

Where they where swapped in Pancakeswap to BNB:

So they are now BNB in your account,

Did you exchange them and forgot about it??

thanks, it didnt show in my wallet, but i can use pancakeswap exchange it to BNB!

I mean from what I am seeing, you already changed it to BNB.

Was that you?!