Add option to disable mandatory scroll down before sign

PLEASE consider adding an option to disable the VERY annoying, and very lagging ‘click or scroll down’ feature before being able to click ‘sign’.
I get that it kind of works like a secondary safety net to inexperienced users before they sign their life away, but for miscellaneous/low risk signing things for experienced users, it’s sooo damn annoying when doing many actions with MetaMask having to continually wait for the info to appear, before then trying to either scroll down, which lags a lot, or… trying to click the small arrow which always takes a few clicks (lags very bad) before being able to finally click ‘sign’.
Maybe an advanced feature could be added (with a warning) that allows the option to disable the ‘scroll before sign’ feature for the session (it can re-enables again after log-out/inactivity etc).

I’ve seen a lot of people whinge about this, and especially since recent updates it’s really a bad user experience. So I hope it can be looked at.

Cant post links here, but the link is below to a youtube vid that demonstrates the issue here:
youtube. com/watch?v=VRqblhigCPA


haha i feel you though it still has its merit :face_in_clouds:

awesome, thanks for sharing the recording, that’s super helpful so we can give a visual on the lag.