Smoother wallet interaction and signing experience

Hi MetaMask team,

So I and a group of designers in multiple Web3 companies along with feedback from users who use MetaMask as a wallet in apps wanted to share an idea.

Is there a way so that users are able to open the MetaMask wallet browser extension as a sort of pop-up (technically a new browser window overlayed on the top right of the main browser in use), instead of either as full-screen or as a new window? We found out that it adds friction and it confuses some people.

If not, we’d love for you to take this into consideration!

See sample screenshot below

For more context, we did extensive user research on improving how users get onboarded into Web3 products and this is one way where we believe we can make the onboarding and signing process smoother, faster, and clearer.

We found out that the way it works right now, confuses a lot of people on how the signing happens (either it shows up as a separate tab or window), even tech-savvy ones. It also disrupts the user flow.

Our consensual proposal is the ability for Web3 apps to choose or control if the transaction or contract signing is shown either as a tab, full screen, or pop-up (preferred), which is technically a new window but overlayed on the top right area (close the browser extensions area) the main browser of the use.

This little detail would contribute a lot in onboarding the next billion users into Web3.

I really hope you take this into consideration.

Feel free to email back with questions or clarifications!

Best regards,

Concerned Web3 advocate and designer