Metamask mobile app integration

We are building an Ethereum based application - Both web and mobile.
With web we had the metamask chrome extension installed which pop up (find with web3 object) when user wants to sign any transaction, that’s perfectly working.!
The problem is when we wanted to do the same with the mobile application.

So we have the same thing built for mobile platform.
Here we want to know how we can integrate metamask with our application and how the process of signing works (our app should call the metamask app for signing txns).

Also instead of user installing our app and metamask separately is there any best way to do the process simpler and asking user to install two apps will be an overhead.

Is it possible to embed the metamask into our own application and use it.

Kindly suggest.

Hi I had the almost the same issue and posted the same question but didn’t got any answer I am also posting my question to strengthen our case.

Hello guys, I am a developer from Ethermon. We are trying to implement MetaMask mobile with mobile chrome browser it works fine for most of the cases but there are some wierd issues like navigation to my website after connecting isn’t working and its creating multiple session also. If there is any dev from MM to help please reply. Thank you.