MetaMask Mobile having Inconsistent Outputs

Have been having an issue with MetaMask on mobile.

Currently having a dApp that runs on web, but on mobile there seems to always be some inconsistent outputs in asking for user signature. I have a simple marketplace where users buy NFTs. To buy an NFT, the user would have to approve the token usage, and then sign the transaction.

At times MetaMask sends the user directly to AppStore even though the user already has MM installed. Some other times, MM only prompts signature once and does not prompt the other.

Not sure what is causing this issue and whether or not there is a fix.

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Hi @zihangg ,

Thanks for sharing this info!

-Do you know if the users having issues are using the browser extension within MetaMask mobile?

-Are they using WalletConnect to connect to site?



Hi @KBee ,

They’re accessing the web application via Chrome/Safari on mobile.

The provider used for the application on mobile is WalletConnect.

Please advise.


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Hi @zihangg ,

Thanks! I’m going to pass this along, I will let you know when I hear back.

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Hi @zihangg ,

Reached out to some good brains :brain:

Got this info for you:

This is a deeplinks issue. You should be using the in-app browser on mobile. The mobile browsers don’t pass deeplinks correctly, this is why you need to use the in-app browser.

This link takes you to a thread where the Github issue is also shared.


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