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I have a dapp that connect MetaMask. Desktop version works nice but i would like to navigate user to MetaMask app in the mobile browser. I wonder if it is possible to navigate user directly to mm BROWSER with my app open inside. I mean when user click connect wallet in the mobile browser he will end up mm mobile app browser tab with already navigated my app domain.

Hi @irfan17 ,

Check out the mobile version of the MM docs here. Best practices section has info you will want :fox_face: -

Introduction | MetaMask Docs

Hello @irfan17

For convenient interaction of a mobile browser with the MetaMask application, you need to manually check whether the current session is a mobile device and use Deep Link.


thnk you for you answer. I had alrady implemented deep linking with my domain url but it navigates only to the mm wallet moible and opens it. But I would like to open MetaMask mobile browser page when user click connect in my web app.

window.location =${window.location.origin}

am i missing sth?

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I found an interesting solution on github if nothing works for you:


hi @irfan17 ,

Want to make sure I’m following correctly -

The user in your scenario is on a mobile browser, like Chrome and if they go to your dapp and click ‘connect wallet’ you are hoping for that window to open your dapp in the in-app browser for MetaMask?

Want to confirm that you’re not saying the user is already in the in-app browser, you want them to get taken there from whatever standard mobile browser they are using?


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