Deeplink Opens AppStore When App Installed

When attempting to connect to MetaMask via WalletConnect or deeplink URL, MetaMask briefly opens up, but then the AppStore opens up as well, even though the app is clearly installed.

This started happening recently and was working fine before. I wonder if there is an issue with the universal link that MetaMask is using.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

MetaMask v4.2.2 (834)
iOS v15.3.1


Hey @p.estes, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Are you doing this through MetaMask’s in app browser, or are you using a separate browser like Safari or Google Chrome?


Thanks for the warm welcome!

I am developing a mobile app that connects to MetaMask directly via WalletConnect. No browsers are utilized.

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This bug is huge. Happening to everyone I know across all apps. Cannot deeplink to MetaMask (via Zerion).

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My team is suffering from this issue as of today as well. Can devs to something?

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Addressed to the team and will provide an answer as soon as possible


Same thing happening with my application too. Also I have checked some popular dapps, they all have this problem.


Same here, from what I’m reading, it seems like a recent issue. I hope this gets fixed

Hi @nakedwinnie , when resolve this issue? I’m using “” schema for dapps

@p.estes @0xJeremy6540 @Dayman @barhantas @Mouradif @muratermis

Can you please provide more information? What device are you using, what version, when did this error start occurring? Is this only through your mobile apps?

Safari or Chrome mobile on ios, open App Store when open link, then ask open “MetaMask” app, if accept open app, then seen default screen not open dapp in browser metamask app.

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Operating System: iOS
Version: 15.3.1

When attempting to link MetaMask to Zerion on iOS devices.

After MetaMask is downloaded the Zerion app continues to deeplink to the app store, thus the user cannot connect a wallet.


The team is aware and is investigating this issue at the moment :slight_smile:

In the meantime, can one of you open an issue on GitHub? :point_down:

yes! this has been happening to me for quite some time now. I find it only happens on certain sites and sometimes if I try a different browser, it doesn’t happen! its very annoying! lol

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GitHub issue opened, #3965

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Came across this issue over a week ago within our team (see GitHub issue #3914) - and we managed to find a quick workaround to use to prevent app store redirection while this bug is still being worked on.

Hope this helps someone!


I deep link into the MM app to run a small one page dapp that gets the users eth address. It should then deep link back to my app but it gets stuck in the MM browser. This is on Android.

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