iOS universal links with wallet connect are not working

Hello guys

I noticed that universal links with WalletConnect do not work on iOS with MetaMask.
I found somebody already reported the issue on your github:
(The forum does not allow me to link the issue on my post, got to metamask mobile github, look for issue #3874)

There seems to be a linked PR that is merged to main, supposedly fixing it.
My question is, what is your release process? Is this PR supposed to be live on the AppStore MetaMask?

If it is, then the issue is still not resolved. Universal links still don’t work on MetaMask with WalletConnect on iOS.


Hi Robin,

Welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face: Got a couple questions.

Can you confirm the MetaMask version you have on your iOS?

Also, are you using VPN?

Using the in-app browser?


MetaMask 5.2.0 (913)

No VPN here

I am not using the MetaMask browser. I am developing an app that should use this URL: (had to remove the URL because your forum does not let me post it…) to open your app through an UIApplication call. It does open and redirect to your app but the WalletConnect dapp connection request screen is not triggered in MetaMask.

Please check the Github issue I mentioned, it perfectly describes the issue I am having with the universal links

Perfect, thanks for responding to the questions. Figure this will help as I pass this along. Will keep you updated.

Thank you very much!

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