iPhone issues wallet connect

I have an issue using MetaMask on IPhone.
Since yesterday I can’t connect my wallet to websites with the MetaMask browser. I tried various websites, for example PancakeSwap, popcorn oneinch etc.
When I try to connect my wallet via walletconnect I choose metamask but my phone keeps opening the AppStore. I don’t get a popup in metamask to connect the wallet. Further I can’t swap any tokens, when I connect my wallet at pancakeswap via safari(yes this works) I press the „swap“ button after choosing currencies and get redirected to the metamask app for confirmation. Then inside the app I don’t get the pop up to confirm my transaction. Any thoughts on this?
I already tried reinstalling the app and cleaning all the browser and privacy data.

IPhone 12
IOS 14.7.1
Metamask version 3.1.0

After the latest update.

Hello @Torchi, if you open your MetaMask and try to connect to Shibaswap/Uniswap/Pancakeswap etc using MetaMask browser then it automatically connect to your wallet.