iPhone issues wallet connect

I have an issue using MetaMask on IPhone.
Since yesterday I can’t connect my wallet to websites with the MetaMask browser. I tried various websites, for example PancakeSwap, popcorn oneinch etc.
When I try to connect my wallet via walletconnect I choose metamask but my phone keeps opening the AppStore. I don’t get a popup in metamask to connect the wallet. Further I can’t swap any tokens, when I connect my wallet at pancakeswap via safari(yes this works) I press the „swap“ button after choosing currencies and get redirected to the metamask app for confirmation. Then inside the app I don’t get the pop up to confirm my transaction. Any thoughts on this?
I already tried reinstalling the app and cleaning all the browser and privacy data.

IPhone 12
IOS 14.7.1
Metamask version 3.1.0

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After the latest update.

Hello @Torchi, if you open your MetaMask and try to connect to Shibaswap/Uniswap/Pancakeswap etc using MetaMask browser then it automatically connect to your wallet.

Does not work even then. Tried to connect to pancakeswap from metamask-bsc chain on iphone. Can do so in the past but more times now when walletconnect keeps directing to app store to open metamask. When you press open, it goes back to walletconnect window. And so back and forth and you can;t connect to pancakeswap. Anyone has solutions? I have tried toggling between chains in metamask, always on metamask browser etc.