My coins aren't loading to connect the wallet and it sends to me the metmask download version?

I am trying to buy more coins on pancakeswap and when it says to connect the wallet it sends me to the “new version metmask” page and then when I click back its an ad. Is this a trap? I don’t want to delete the whole metmask and reload it I have way too many custom coins to add. What is going on? I am on the iphone? I tried switching from firefox to safari after the fact but that didn’t change anything. I didn’t do anything differently as far as I know? thank you

BUMP is anyone else having problems loading the app on your iphone my mask won’t load the balance of the bnb when i press use pancakesap in dextools? I really don’t want to reload the app to kill all the custom coins added I am hoping maybe the app will update or a glitch will be found?


Sorry we didn’t see this earlier. I would be concerned about clicking on links to down a new MetaMask. Can you share what version of MetaMask you have on your iPhone?


how do I see waht version i am running? I clicked on the metamask in my settings on iphone 10 but I can’t see the version?

when I add the new update to teh app it won’t load the value to the pancaske swap it says url not supported “oops somethilng went wrong” I download the lastet version from metmask

it says "redirection to a screen that is nont HTTPS.

Please make sure you are also on the official website for PancakeSwap

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I did that it won’t load the app I erased previous sessions in the advanced log

Are you using the browser inside your MetaMask app?


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