MetaMask mobile SDK is needed

Hi Guys,

I am building an APP to let users connect to their MM.

But i found it a bad user experience when connecting to MM,especially in iOS platform.

Bad UX steps:

1.Click connect to MM button in my APP, pull up MM automatically and click connect button.

2.Then redirects user automatically to my APP. The first bad experience is user that there is no any feedback toast and users don’t know they have to pull up MM manually again to request and click the signature button.

3.When user click the signature button in step 2, they have to pull up my APP manually again to see the success toast.This is the 2nd bad experience.

So, is it possible to provide MetaMask Mobile SDK to let it automatically when connect to MM other than pull up manually in step 2 and step 3 mentioned above.

Thank you.

Any one here?
Share this post to MM team please. :smiley:

We’re here, and thank you for the suggestion! :wave: :fox_face:

You may also be interested in this as a Snaps plugin for MetaMask Flask

If you would like, you can also request this feature under Flask Feature Requests - MetaMask


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