Not redirect from MetaMask mobile app to the original browser app

In Safari iOS, MetaMask mobile app does not redirect you back to the original browser page, while the connection works with the EOA returned to the browser page behind the mobile app.

How can we allow the redirect or it’s not designed as such perhaps?

It is reproduced with /packages/examples/create-react-app in MetaMask-sdk github repo, with simply yarn start and clicking Connect button on the demo page.

Here are relevant console log in the browser

[Warning] Message ignored because invalid key exchange status. step=key_handshake_SYNACK (2) (bundle.js, line 17615)
[Debug] RCPMS::_write method metamask_getProviderState doesn't need redirect. (bundle.js, line 25251)
[Debug] RCPMS::_write method eth_getBalance doesn't need redirect. (bundle.js, line 25251)

iOS version: 17.1.1
MetaMask mobile app version: v7.11.0(1197)

Thanks in advance.


Hi @user3763 please have a look at this past conversation: Redirect back to app in Metamask Mobile app check out the solution there


Thanks for the link @0xroo but most of the topics seem talking about the native app or the deeplink which opens your web-app inside the MM app browser.
But I would like to achieve is that a user is based on the general web browser such as Safari or Chrome on mobile and can get EOA or signature through MM app, not based on MM internal browser where the deeplink brings users to. (Apologies if my understanding is not right)

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i got same issue. in iOS success open MetaMask but not “connect to MetaMask” and not redirect back. And in android, success open MetaMask, than “connect to MetaMask” and redirect back to my webApp. But when i do it again in same page with other call (transfer, check allowing or something else), chrome blocked to open MetaMask mobile.


@user3763 @sindtext could anyone of you please open a new issue Issues · MetaMask/metamask-mobile · GitHub


I’ve created the issue here: [Bug]: Not redirect from MetaMask mobile app to the original Dapp browser in iOS · Issue #8003 · MetaMask/metamask-mobile · GitHub


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