Metamask Mobile redirect

We want to redirect users to a custom URL within metamask mobile browser.

Using does not appear to be working in the metamask mobile browser.

We also tried redirecting to the users device browser using, “_system”) but that did not work either.

How can we allow users to open a redirect link from within the metamask mobile browser?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/guidance.


Did you find a solution?

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Welcome to the MM community.

Check out these docs, linking you to the start of the mobile section -

Unfortunately the mobile section is missing a real E2E for linking with a mobile app.

However I cannot trigger this after the connection gets back…

function testRedirect() {
// Redirect here but it does not work.‘intent: THE_URL#Intent;end’);

window.addEventListener(“load”, testRedirect);

Note that this works:'intent : THE_ URL #Intent; end ');

and'intent : THE_ URL #Intent; end ');

work triggered by click on link or button

Hey! Yea I was able to make the redirect work with:


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