Redirecting page problem in metamask app

Hello there.
need some help regarding some bug i encountered when using metamask browser in the metamask app in android phone. In phone with IOS seems no problem but when browsing using the browser in metamask app in android phone, it seems got problem when redirecting to a new page .

Usually when clicking a link in a page and the link supposed to redirect to a new page or open a new page but when i clicked a link, it will just refresh to the same page or just no response.

I appreciate all the support you can give. thanks in advance.

Hi @danialvergoun Welcome to the MetaMask community.
What Android OS and the MetaMask app version are you using?
Does this issue always occur?
What are the steps to reproduce it?

Facing this behavior as well,

App version : 2.5.0
Android version : 11, build RQ3A.210605.005, kernel 4.14.212-g9c375ab8f20e-ab7290080

For me, issue happens everytime I try to open a link. I get the browser selection menu, select metamask, and nothing happens. It used to work until some days ago. Now I have to manually copy links and paste them in the navigation bar.

For reproducing, try to open a link in metamask.

Let me know if you need more information.


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For me, android version 11 and metamask app version v2.5.0.
it seems this issue always occur on my side on whatever website im on.

As @AnonymFlower stated, to reproduce it just try open any link in the metamask browser.
For example, got to uniswap official website and click on the button ‘Use Uniswap’. In a normal chrome browser, this button would redirect me to the uniswap exchange. however , in metamask browser, it just does nothing / no response when clicking the button.

Kindly assist me on how to overcome this problem.
Thanks in advance.