Android Metamask Browser

I’m using Android Metamask in particular, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. So my problem is that when I go to a site through metamask and I click on a link to take me to the next thing in choosing to participate in like I’m wanting to use a Deep and there are a list of Dapps available to me and I chose one to participate in when I click on the link, instead of taking me to the link in the metamask browser it automatically switches me to Chrome and of course naturally I can’t use Chrome so I then have to copy the link address and paste it into the browser on metamask in order to get to that link and I find myself having to do that several times even in just one application. It may take me through two or three links but each time it’ll send me back to Chrome and then I have to copy the address and paste it into my MM browser sometimes having to log in again before carrying on to the next secondary page. Is there any way to fix this issue?