Authentication with Metamask - 3rd party signup/signin


Im a PM and I’d like to ask about the feasibility/best approach for authenticating with Metamask as a 3rd party signup/login option for both a web and mobile client.

Use Case: I have a social app, on both web and mobile (iOS & Android), and I’d like to implement a signup/log-in with Metamask feature.

Implementing this on a web client seems straight forward based on the following article:
www.toptal. com/ ethereum/ one-click-login-flows-a-metamask-tutorial

We can leverage the metamask extension already installed by our users

For the mobile app (not mobile browser), it seems to be far more complicated or even improbable. However, I found this platform, Moralis, that provides an SDK that seems like it could enable this: docs.moralis. io/moralis-server/users/crypto-login

So my questions are, is it possible to enable this desired feature on both web and mobile? Is the article I posted about a web client log-in still relavent/ the best path of implementation? If not, what is?

Hey @justinj, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

This can be done with the Ethereum Provider API, here is more information on the MetaMask docs:

The section on mobile will also help you:

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