Desktop user-friendliness, and use cointainer tab

In 1990s, web browsers started using tabs, so people immediately switched to those and started using configuration/addons forcing popups to be tabs or else blocking (most people I know dislike popups greatly.)
        Only popups I don’t mind are web browser processes (configuration, errors, save downloads) not content windows. For content windows, it’s extremely annoying, and my family feels relieved I configured popups to be tabs.
        It’s not 1990s: can’t we have option MetaMask displays by default in its tab? Phone PC-sized windows are even more annoying (I almost never use a phone PC, a.k.a. (inaccurate/marketing term) ‘smartphone.’) When people used to use more web browser windows, typically none were that small (not user-friendly on desktop especially monitors with pixels typically built smaller & smaller for newer, high-resolution.)
        Separate window could be useful if I login to a cryptocurrency’s project or mining or exchange site, and want MetaMask on other screen half, but until I want that, I’d rather disable popup which should be opt-in on for desktop web browsers.
        Pure (non-‘webapp’) desktop programs are preferable which possibly could be done by porting to Google/Chromium/GitHub Electron, a stripped-down Chromium interface (blank except what’s added) to make a webapp. If a cryptocurrency only has a webapp wallet, I just don’t use it, but MetaMask is first exception to me avoiding webapps because (doesn’t need a server/site login and) can use so many cryptocurrencies and blockchains, etc., so is useful (just difficult as mainly desktop user; ) thanks for making MetaMask!
        When I expand MetaMask to a tab in Firefox (FF) it doesn’t use a banking container tab, but I’d like it to (there are also work, shopping, personal, etc. container tabs.)
        I don’t know if any other web browsers caught up to FF (while it regressed in other ways) by enabling such tabs, but if/when they do, should be an option or a default.

This should take into consideration .