Add Token button Missing

hello where has the add token button gone? also i have added a few from coingecko but they dont appear on my main wallet, only eth is there.

thank you.

Hello, @johnjohn Welcome to the Metamask Community.
Are you still experiencing this issue?
Are you on mobile or extension and which version are you on?
Care to share a screenshot(just be sure no sensitive information is in sight)? Happy to take look at this.

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I have the same/similar issue. Attached a screenshoots.
For ETH I have 3 options Buy, Send, Swap where for USDT only Send and Swap

No receive button. I understand that the address is above (for receiving) next to connected sign (cut out in my image, marked with arrow) but will this work for each coin? As it is not present when selecting individual coin (see image for USDT)?

Used MetaMask 9.4.0 on MacOS Catalina 10.15.7, application within GoogleChrome